SRANJ Meeting for June cancelled. 

The Fall meeting  schedule, beginning in September, remains in place and will be reviewed monthly based on the advice of public health officials 


Big Shots Restaurant and Lounge

780 Route 1, Iselin, NJ 08830

(732) 750-5050

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Meeting dates for the rest of the year are:

  • September 10 
  • October 8
  • November 12
  • December 10,- Banquet

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Meeting dates


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December

Meetings start at 8:00

The June meeting has been CANCELED.  The Fall meetings, beginning in September are still scheduled and will be reviewed  monthly based on the advice of public health officials 

About Us

 About Us:

The  Soccer Referees Association of New Jersey, SRANJ, is the state’s oldest  referee association, founded in 1962.  Currently the Association has  over 100 active  members who serve the entire soccer community in and around New Jersey,  working games in the youth, adult amateur, and professional ranks and  also at the  scholatic and collegiate levels.  Membership is open to referees of all  grades.  All members are certified and licensed with the United States  Soccer Federation, USSF, and our diverse membership consists of many National and State referees, assessors and instructors.

The SRANJ is proud to have 4 current MLS officials begin their careers in the association. They include:

FIFA Referee - Mark Geiger
Former FIFA Referee - Alex Prus
Former FIFA Assistant Referee - Greg Barkey
MLS Official - Alex Chilowicz

Organization Goal

The SRANJ is dedicated to the continual development of all soccer  referees in New Jersey.  At each meeting, instruction is provided by  FIFA and National referees  on a variety of current topics which can be applied in all of our  games.  The meetings also serve as a forum for members to regularly meet  and   discuss soccer, refereeing, and other related matters.  

2020 SRANJ Officers 

Dan Hudson - President   
Bill Tumbleson - Vice-President     
 Open  - Secretary   
Michael Flannigan - Treasurer

 For additional information call or email:  

Dan Hudson, SRANJ President   Phone: 732-693-8323

The Gunars H. Tobiens Award

 Each  spring the Soccer Referees Association of New Jersey searches for a New  Jersey referee who is worthy to receive the Association's highest  honor.  This special recognition is the Gunars H. Tobiens Award.  The  recipient must be a person who has made an outstanding contribution to  soccer refereeing in New Jersey.  

Gunars H. Tobiens was born in Riga, Latvia, in the summer of 1930.  He  lived in Riga until the age of 14, when he and his family left Latvia to  settle in Austria and West Germany where Gunars completed his secondary  school education.  As a young soccer player in Latvia, Gunars developed  his skills and continued his training with the game in both Austria and  Germany.  By the time he arrived in the United States in 1950, he was  an accomplished player who was welcomed by the Philadelphia German  Hungarian Club.  When Gunars moved to Cleveland and found no team to  play with, he formalized the Cleveland Latvian Club.  It was in  Cleveland where Gunars met and married his wife Zigrida and in 1959,  their son Edmunds was born.  Gunars had become a trained chemist  studying at Temple University and Rutgers University. 

  Gunars and his family moved to New Jersey, where Gunars became a  research chemist and technical representative with Richold Chemical and  Air Product Corporation.  In 1964, Gunars became a referee and a member  of the Soccer Referees Association of New Jersey.  He immediately became  a valuable asset to fellow referees and stood ready to serve in any  capacity throughout his career.  He was a referee school administrator  and a large part of the original upward thrust of the Association.   Always available when needed, Gunars covered the state both as a referee  and as a leader of the Association.  

 It was not, however, as a referee or Association officer that Gunars  Tobiens made his greatest contribution.  His gift to his fellow referees  was made as a person.  While no man is perfect, Gunars' nobility of  character and humanity have made him nearly so, in retrospect.  Gunars  was the man who made us proud to be referees, who made us, in fact,  proud of the human race.  His qualities of quiet courage, dependability,  kindness, and concern for others sent and continues to send his  brothers a constant example of what men can become.  With this award,  the Association hope to share with referees who did not know Gunars  Tobiens, the great model he left us.  For in the words of Jose Ortega y  Gasset,  

 "Our danger as we exalt man is that whatever is within him is  good; opinions, preferences, tasks, prejudices.  But it's the man of  excellence who lives in essential servitude, who believes life has no  savor unless he serves something transcendental.  He lives life as a  discipline, the noble life.  He works by obligations not rules.   Noblesse oblige."

 Gunars H. Tobiens Award Recipients 

1983 - Savino Caldararo  

1984 - Michael Fitzgerald  

1985 - Jack Connors 

 1986 - Harry Baldwin  

1987 - Paul Mott  
1988 - Anthony Doria 
 1989 - Charlie Stillitano  
1990 - Eno Loffredo  
1991 - Guido Guazzoni  
1993 - Eddie Morales 
 1994 - Tony Cullen  
1995 - Tony Todoro  
1996 - Frank Desimini  
1997 - John Zangrilli  
1998 - Farcher's Grove  
2002 - Bill Rosu  
2003 - Vinnie Mauro  
2005 - Adam Mangino  
2007 - Barry Towbin

Meeting schedule

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of March, April, May, June, September, October, November & Dec

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of March, April, May, June, September, October, November & Dec

 Additional meetings are still scheduled and will be reviewed  monthly based on the advice of public health officials  

  • June 11
  • September 10 
  • O...

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